The Building

Sustainability & Health

Originally built as a bank, The Commonwealth Building has been completely renovated into gorgeous modern apartment homes with thoughtfully designed interiors & a distinctive façade—all built with a focused commitment to modern sustainability practices. What is good for your health is good for the environment!

  • Renovated using Local and Regional Materials Wherever Possible
  • Your window sills are 115 years old and fully restored! The marble floors and walls in the Building were mined when Teddy Roosevelt was president! All of the historic architectural details that look old in our building really are old - The Commonwealth Building has been reverently recycled from an obsolete office building into a top-quality apartment building using the historical restoration standard of the National Park Service. During our renovation we recycled over 1.5 million pounds of salvaged materials such as steel, concrete, wood, glass, plaster, cardboard, and plastic – that’s the equivalent weight of about 500 Toyota Camrys!
  • The Apartments include efficient General Electric and Haier appliances designed to save energy and save you money.
  • Our new well-insulated windows are really big – and they open. This means fresh air, less need for air conditioning, and lots of natural light. Plus, they were fabricated by Three Rivers Aluminum in Cranberry Township PA only 20 miles away.
  • If you need to turn on the AC, please know that it is a highly energy efficient air-cooled system that operates quietly and with programable settings that you control.
  • When you turn on the lights, you will be pleased to know that all our bulbs are LEDs which will reduce energy consumption and save money. LED light bulbs use between 80% and 85% less energy than the traditional incandescent bulbs they replace, according to Consumer Reports. On top of being more energy efficient, LEDs also last longer — an estimated 23 years.
  • Our carpets are made by Interface who is committed to “becoming the first global flooring manufacturer to sell all products as carbon neutral across their full life cycle”. And our carpets are low VOC, meaning that they emit far fewer harmful volatile organic compounds.
  • Speaking of low VOC, the paints used throughout the building are also low VOC.
  • All plumbing fixtures are “low flow” which mean less water use and water waste.